Running a Restaurant is No Walk in the Park - Business Book Review

So, you'd like to start your own restaurant would you? Well rest assured, running and managing a restaurant is no easy matter. In fact, it's almost a 24/7 type business. After all, you have to get all the food prepared before everyone shows up, and you also have to meet with the vendors who deliver the food products, and then it is utter chaos while you are serving, and then when it's all over you have to clean up for four hours. Are you sure this is what you want?

Well, perhaps it is and maybe this is your American dream to own a company of your own. But before you go into the restaurant business, I think you need to educate yourself a little more, and perhaps, read up on the topic a little bit. One of the best books on this subject that I have found and one that I would recommend to you is;

"How to Manage a Restaurant Or Institutional Food Service," by John W. Stokes

This is indeed a great book. One, that I believe every franchisor offering a quick service restaurant or QSR ought to take notice to and perhaps, use it to help them rewrite their confidential operations manual for all their franchised outlets. Additionally, those companies which provide catering service for institutional facilities should read this book. This book is great for the major chain restaurants and the vendors of the industry, along with those that do all the cleaning, construction, and advertising and marketing.

Even if you never decide to start your own restaurant, and perhaps, you are a business student or run another type of business, I would recommend that you read this book so that you can get thinking about processes that you might borrow from the restaurant industry for another type of business. This is a pretty decent book and probably the best one I've ever found on the restaurant industry or how to manage an eatery, and therefore, I recommend it to you. Please consider all this.