WLCI is the institute is one of the leading business schools and first choice of business education aspirants due to its presence in 16 cities of India. It is credited with the training of at least 50,000 professionals in the past 15 years of its existence. Most importantly, it has placed over 15,000 professionals successfully in over 400 top companies, with which they have tie-ups.

We are increasingly moving towards a world where everything needs to be quantified in order to be measured. This becomes important when we require gauging the performance results of projects, products or services. In order achieve this and more we need to take up a type b school education that gives us the tools with which we can measure this performance.

Business education equips us with the tools that are required for the measurement of these parameters. But the moot question in front of business education aspirers would be what type of courses to take up.

There are a few certification courses in the market that give the aspiring manager the required education that he needs in order to excel in his working life. But with the amount of choices that are available today, every aspiring manager finds it very difficult to shortlist courses to take up. Today, there is a lot of literature available both on the internet and in the newspapers, which provide the requisite information about the options available for an aspiring manager.

But they do just that.

Provide information. The final decision will have to be taken by the candidate who wishes to take up the course. At such a time, the questions that dog a candidates mind are: Which business school to go to? Which certificate courses to take up? Which management college would give them the right placement at the end of the course? Which certification courses will give them value for money? And which business management school will give their career the right boost? In order to answer these and many other questions, many reputed b schools like WLCI, hold orientation sessions on a regular basis.

They have eminent speakers from the industry and faculty from the colleges which are supporting this event, speaking on the various issues that a normal business school aspirant may face. They talk on issues ranging from choosing the right business management college to the path forward after the MBA education. Every management aspirant should attend these sessions so as to hone their skill and choose the right channel for obtaining education from either a full time business school or certificate courses available through the classroom or the online route. 


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